International Congress on Arts and Cultures

NOVEMBER 28-29, 2019 | MADRID, SPAIN | Universidad Complutense de Madrid

This international congress is a space for the exchange of ideas and practices among international researchers, functioning as an interdisciplinary forum and as a seed for future collaborative projects. The event aims to develop innovative spaces for the creation and exchange of knowledge among experts, professors and international researchers on a wide range of disciplines related to arts and cultures within society.

We invite all those who wish to submit a proposal to present their work, be it a lecture, workshop, or poster addressing visual culture through some of the following topics:

Topic 1: Art, Culture, and Society
Topic 2: Management of culture and the arts
Topic 3: Cultural and artistic heritage
Topic 4: Curating, history of art, and the art market
Topic 5: Theory of art and contemporary esthetic
Topic 6: Art, technology, and the media

2019 Highlighted Theme: "Creativity, art and innovation in communication"

Selected conference papers will be published in "The International Arts and Cultures Review".

The next DEADLINE for submitting a proposal to the congress (i.e., a title and an abstract) is APRIL 15, 2019.

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Scientific Committee
International Congress on Arts and Cultures