52nd International Business Research Conference

Call for Papers
52nd International Business Research Conference

Date: 4-5 July 2019
Venue: LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Castellanza (VA), Milan, ITALY

Submission Deadline: 24 May 2019
Registration Deadline: 7 June, 2019

Website: www.europeconfo.com
Email: آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسكریپت دارید

Conference Theme: Improving Organizations through Business Research

Organizations of today are going through great evolution and changes all over the world. These changes are related both to the aspect of company practices and to organizational theories. The interweaving of praxis and theory also marks the whole history of organizational sciences that have been nourished by multiple contributions from various disciplines and professional specializations such as Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics and others, thus thriving on the theoretical contributions of these fields and combining them into a fruitful and far-reaching theoretical apparatus. Today the development and improvement of organizations must face the great thrust of subjectivity and therefore the divergence of behavioral models, also conveyed by the disruptive power of new technologies.

How should we direct the strength of the subjects (workers, specialists of various disciplines, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, etc.) to strengthen the organizational structures of the companies and promote change? How should we direct individual behavior towards the goals of organizations, enhancing the resources deriving from the technologies and the development of knowledge in the various fields?

This call for papers solicits contributions to these issues not only from Organization, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, but also coming from other fields such as, but not exclusively, Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Management, Lean Manufacturing, Marketing, Information Systems.

Italy-based LIUC-Università Cattaneo and Australia based World Business Institute (WBI), invite manuscripts relating to the broad scientific areas of Organization, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Management, Information Systems, Lean Manufacturing, Psychology, Economics, Law, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Marketing, and all the other fields of business contributing to the development of organization science for the above international conference. Several high-quality peer reviewed international journals which are already indexed by ABDC of Australia, Ulrich's Directory of USA, AIDEA of Italy, Excellent Research Australia (ERA) and ranked by the Australian Directory of Ranked International Journal (ADRIJ) and Scopus are affiliated with this conference.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts (either full papers and/or abstracts) should be prepared as per guidelines (Please see the link on the top of this conference website). Please include paper title, author title (such as Mr. Ms. Dr.), the name of author(s) and affiliation of the corresponding author, email address and the field/track of research in the paper itself. Papers which do not contain this information will not be considered for this conference.

If you wish to publish your paper in one of the journals affiliated with this conference and/or get the review report, please send the full paper to آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسكریپت دارید by 24 May 2019. No submission will be accepted after the deadline. If you are not interested to publish in in one of the journals affiliated with this conference, you are allowed to send an abstract of your paper on any date before the deadline. All submissions should be sent to آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسكریپت دارید by the deadline of 24 May 2019.

Review Process and Notification of Acceptance

All submissions would be blind reviewed and acceptance of the manuscript will be announced by the 24 May 2019. It is highly recommended that those who require longer time for visa processing submit their manuscript (at least an abstract) as early as possible.

Publication Opportunities:

The following three international journals, which are ranked B by the Australian Business Deans Council (www.abdc.edu.au) and indexed by SCOPUS, are affiliated with this conference:

Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting

International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management

IIMB Management Review

In addition, high quality paper will be considered by International Journal of Supply Chain Management (Indexed by Scopus)

Please note that the editorial board of the respective journals will independently consider high quality papers. You need to follow the journal's policy. For example, while JMS does not charge any fee, BBS asks for submission fee.

Publication In International Journals Rated By Adrij

Outstanding papers will be considered for publication in the following journals ranked by the Australian Directory of Ranked International Journals (ADRIJ): Indexation of some of these journals by Scopus is under process.

International Review Business Research Papers (3 Star)

Global Review of Accounting and Finance (3 Star)

World Journal of Management (3 Star)

This is subject to payment of paper processing fee and compliance to the review report that would be sent after the conference. Each of these journals has DOI number from CrossRef of USA. Papers will be published in September 2019 issue of these journals. You can visit Zant World Press (https://zantworldpress.com/) to view these subscribed journals.

Review Report after the Conference

The report will be provided 2-3 months after the conference subject to:

Submission of full paper (MS word file only) on or before 24 May 2019.

Preparation of manuscript as per guidelines provided in the website.

Payment of conference registration fee by 7 June 2019.

No report is provided on the abstract.

Conference Proceedings, Feedback, Award and Hospitality:

Conference Proceedings

All full papers and/or abstracts accepted for the conference and discussed in the conference will be electronically published in proceedings with ISBN and included in the WBI Digital Library for online access via a dedicated website which contains papers from previous conferences and are visited by thousands of readers from all over the world.

Best Paper Award

This award will be announced in each track and the winning papers will be published in any of the above 3 Star journals and a certificate will be issued. All awardees will be awarded Fellowship of the World Business Institute which will allow the authors to receive discount for future conferences and to be included in the International Scientific Committees.

Registration Fees

This international conference is featured by mid-morning and afternoon snack food, tea/coffee and lunch and copy of the program book. Electronic Certificate will be issued to all registered attendees and session chairs. Registration fee is USD 375 which includes review report, participation certificate and coffee/tea breaks.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and conference dinner will be kindly offered by the LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Castellanza (VA), Italy.

Further Information:

Please click on the links provided on conference website for more information.

For further enquiries please contact Prof. Mohammad Hoque, Chief Conference Coordinator, via آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسكریپت دارید

Program Chairs:

Prof. Vittorio D'Amato, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Prof. Eliana Minelli, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Prof. Massimiliano Serati, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Conference Team

Chief Coordinator: Professor Mohammad Hoque, World Business Institute, Australia.


Francesca Macchi, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Federica Sottrici, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Enrico Torchia, LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy.

Technical Committee for the Conference

Please see website for more details

Scientific and Paper Review Committee Members:

Please see website for more details


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