5th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology 2020

Call for papers: ICSP2020 - 5th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology 2020
19th - 21st of March 2020
Bali, Indonesia

Enquiries: آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسكریپت دارید
Web address: http://www.spirituality-conference.org
Organized by: Tomorrow People Organization

Tomorrow People Organization invites you to our 5th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology - (ICSP2020). This highly exciting and challenging international Conference is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, advanced students, and others interested in the fields of spirituality, psychology and education.

5th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology (ICSP 2020) will provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with prominent leaders in the fields and greatly expand on your global network of scholars and professionals.

We welcome: ORAL, POSTER and VIRTUAL presentations. Early submissions are strongly encouraged due to limited space in the venue, as applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis by February 1st 2020 or until space is available.

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

Spirituality: Ascension, Channeling, Astral projection and OBE, Cognitive psychology, Energy of life, The God Particle, Evolution of consciousness, DNA activation, Indigo kids, Light, Singularities, Black Hole, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Meditation, dimensions and chakras, Nature of consciousness - computational vs. omnipresent theories, Paradigm shift, Pineal Gland theories, Psychology, Quantum Physics and spirituality, Religion, Sacred geometry, flower of life, Sacred geometry of the ancients, Science delusion, Spirituality and Medical Practice, Thoughts and the illusion of material world, Universal and scientific spirituality, Vibrational nature of the universe, Yoga, etc.

Psychology: Biological psychology, Clinical Psychology, Behavioral and Cultural Factors, Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, Consulting psychology, Educational Psychology, Empowerment and quality of life, Environmental and cultural psychology, Ethical Issues, Importance and Criticism, Cultural Traditions, Experimental psychology, Mental Diseases and psychotherapy, Parenting and caring, Positive psychology, Psychology of family, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Psychology of Religion, School and Health Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Development, Personality, Cultural Norms, Interpersonal Phenomena, Spirituality and Clinical Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, etc.

Applications are accepted online at: http://www.spirituality-conference.org/apply.html

Papers presented at the conference will be published in a ISBN publication of ICSP2020 Conference Proceedings.

ICSP 2020 Scientific Committee:

Dr. Venkataramanan Krishnamurthy, Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute, India
Dr. Khalid Bazaid, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre/University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Margaret Trey, Center for Traumatic Stress Research, Xavier University of Louisiana/ The Beauty of Life, Inc., USA
Dr. Mahesh Bhatt, VIBHA (Uttarakhand) India
Dr. Michael Ireland, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Dr. Ritu Singh, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India

ICSP 2019 was a great success and we expect for ICSP2020 to exceed it!

In addition to existing presentations, ICSP2020 will host award winning workshops conducted by former rock stars:

1) Rock to Recovery: Experience the Powerful Healing of Playing in a Band

One of the challenges facing mental health professionals is getting people to stay in treatment for sufficient time for the treatment to have an impact. To attain positive treatment outcomes, professionals can include complementary therapies in treatment protocols. Rock to Recovery is a music program that has proven results motivating individuals to stay in treatment and engage in their recovery process more fully. How? Rock to Recovery harnesses the power of playing music and singing. By engaging in group process writing a song, performing it, and uploading it to the web as a touchstone and reminder of a positive experience, Rock to Recovery participants, mostly non-musicians, are able to reap the neurological benefits of playing music. This is an interactive session, in which participants will have the opportunity to participate in the rockstar songwriting process.
By the end of the session, the participant will be able to:

1. Identify how music has positive short-term effects on mood and attitude.
2. Detail the ways in which music programs can keep people in treatment for mental health concerns and motivate them to participate more fully in their recovery.
3. Engage with music in new ways to use music to promote health and healing.
4. Use musical performance to change personal perception of life’s challenges.

2) Core Energetics: Dislodging Emotion Trapped in the Body

Neo-Reichian and other somatic theories suggest that trauma and emotions get trapped in the body, causing the blockage of energetic pathways (similar to principles of qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic prana). This energetic dysfunction can have profound psychospiritual repercussions. Breathwork and somatic processing can be used to treat trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety, and aid in improving emotional well-being. This process is especially well-suited for clients with profound or persistent dissociation, expressed in talk therapy. In this session, participants will learn about somatic processing, particularly Core Energetics, and in a group, engage in the use of holotropic breathwork.
By the end of the session, the participant will be able to:

1. Define higher self, lower self, and mask concepts.
2. Detail the ways in which holotropic and other kinds of breathwork connect mind and body and clear energetic pathways.
3. Use breathwork to improve perspective on life’s difficulties

ICSP2020 is proud to partner with ONEWORLD, as the official airline alliance of the conference, offering up to 20% discount on airfares to the ICSP2020 participants and accompanying persons.


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